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Student Elections 2024

Vote now!

Voting in the Beds SU Student Elections is now open! All current University of Bedfordshire students are eligible to vote. Voting closes at 4pm on 7 March 2024

Vote now!

How does voting work?

The voting system at Beds SU is bespoke to us and therefore looks a little different to what you might see in a local/national election in the UK.

How to vote

All registered students at the University of Bedfordshire, from all UK campuses, are eligible to vote.

We use the Alternative Vote (AV) system. This means that voters can rank candidates in order of preference. Instead of putting a cross in a box next to your favourite candidate, voters can put a 1 next to their 1st choice, a 2 next to their 2nd choice, and so on. Voters can rank as many or as few candidates as they choose.

Meet the Candidates

You can find out more about all of our candidates by visiting our Meet the Candidates page

Elections Support 

Making a complaint

If you would like to lodge an grievance regarding a candidate's or their supported conduct during the election, please complete our online form 

Grievance Form

Elections Rules

If you would like to better understand our elections rules, they can be viewed via the link below


Candidates can continue to find all the information they need on the Candidates' Hub.

Problems Voting?

If you are having any issues with the voting process or can not vote at all, please contact us as soon as possible via email on Please note, this must be done before the closing time of the election.

Latest news and articles

Election Events


Tue 27 Feb, 12:30

Main Theatre DO.02 - Bedford Campus

Tue 5 Mar, 15:00

Metro, Luton Campus