Associate Membership

Associate Membership

Under Beds SU's By-laws, Beds SU has the right to award Associate Membership - upon request - to:

  • students studying on UoB courses franchised to a partner institution in the UK;
  • students studying on UoB courses validated at a partner institution in the UK;
  • staff of the University of Bedfordshire.

The following partner institutions currently have partnership agreements in place with Beds SU which allow their students to apply to become an Associate Member (click the partner for more information on what is available under your partnership agreement):

For the avoidance of doubt, no Associate Members will be entitled to stand for or vote in elections to any of the Union's democratic bodies/functions.


Partner institutions looking to establish a partnership agreement should contact, Head of Membership Services & Engagement.

Associate Memberships: Frontline Students

Beds SU and The Frontline Organisation have created a partnership that allows Frontline students studying on UoB courses to access:

*Society memberships must be purchased at the Associate Membership rate 

For the avoidance of doubt, Beds SU is prohibited from allowing Associate Members access to our democratic systems (forums and elections) by the Education Act 1994. This sadly means that you will not be able to run a society or be the next President, but you will be able to benefit from the activities and networks established by any number of societies and student groups.


In order to get access to your Associate Membership benefits, follow the steps below:

Set up a Guest account on the Beds SU website

  1. Simply click "Sign In" at the top right of our website, or click here.
  2. Select the right-hand "I am a Guest..." option.
  3. Enter your email address and select "No, I'm new here!"

And the website takes over! You will shortly receive a confirmation link email that will get you on to the website to set your password and now you're up and running.

Purchase your Associate Membership

  1. Click this link to be redirected to group specifically built for Frontline Associate Members.
  2. Click "Join this group" (be sure to read those Ts & Cs!)
  3. Make payment of just £3.50 for a whole year's worth of access to Beds SU services.

This membership is only open to Frontline students at a reduced rate of £3.50 annually. Please do not purchase this membership if you are not a current Frontline student as these registrations are checked and you will be removed if you are found to not be a Frontline student: in these circumstances, no refunds will be given.

As the partnership grows we will continue to update content on the group so that Associate Members at Frontline have up to date news, local events, and information about the services available to them and how best to get in touch.


In the meantime, should you experience any problems with your Associate Membership, please contact, Head of Membership Services & Engagement.

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