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Become an SU Course Rep

Our SU Course Reps are essential volunteers - students, the university and the Students' Union rely on them for feedback about specific courses. However, this is not the best part of their role! The more important part is that our Course Reps represent students (you!). Course Reps will sit in meetings, present the views and experiences of students and learn transferrable skills as they do so. 

We aim to elect Course Reps within the first five weeks of term, so whether you start in September or June, there is a role available for you! 

We expect all of our Course Reps to attend our training so that they can feel confident in their role - no SU Course Rep should operate without support of the SU!

You can find more about the SU Course Rep role here.

If you'd like to become an SU Course Rep, send an email to telling us that you are interested and we will go from there!

Why not give it a go? Take that next step!