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Feedback Tips for SU Course Reps

We understand that collecting feedback as an SU Course Rep can be a little bit daunting sometimes. You should have received some information in your Welcome Pack and Rep Handbook regarding collecting feedback, but we thought we'd do a few ideas here, just to help you out:

How to collect feedback?

- Ask for permission from your lecturer (before the day - be proactive!) and stand up at the start, or the end, of the lecture. Announce to your peers that you are the SU Course Rep and that you'd love to hear what their experience of being a student has been like. You can take academic feedback, general feedback, or even more complex feedback. If you're unsure of what you can and can't do as an SU Course Rep, see more here or refer to your Rep Handbook.

- Maybe create a WhatsApp group. With permission from your peers, add them to a group and get them to put any thoughts or experiences (both good and bad) in the group chat. But be careful as it's your own mobile phone. Make sure you put healthy boundaries in to protect your downtime - i.e. mute the group chat at the weekend and come back to any messages on Monday.

- Create an online survey. You can make it anonymous OR you can ask for specific names (again, just make sure you have permission to use their names first!).

These are only a few ideas that you can use. Be creative and work with your peers! Being an SU Course Rep can be an amazing experience, enjoy it!