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Winner's Chapel Christian Campus Fellowship

Our Vision:

  • To secure the future of our youths, developing their gifts and talent

Our Mission

  • To build a society that reflects the values of the Kingdom of God using biblical principles
  • To give everybody on campus a chance to hear the good news of the Gospel through Jesus christ
  • To raise an army of visionaries with a view to promoting their leadership potentials.
  • To give them a productive orientation and a contributors’ mentality
  • To enhance the era of reformation for the youth body.
  • To re-engineer and enhance the value system of our youths generally and the world at large
Society Memberships

Free Student Membership for 2021/22

This membership will expire on 31st July 2022

Expires on 31 July 2022

Society Elections

Winners Chapel Christian Campus Fellowship 2022-23

Starts on 3 May 2022

2 Positions

Winner's Chapel Christian Campus Fellowship