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History Society

The society shall have the following aims;

  • To enable those who are studying or are interested in history to meet socialy and/or educationally; 
  • To promote historical interest; 
  • To plan, organise and run successful events and meetings wit the societies members voices at the heart. 

The society shall have the following objectives:

  • To maintain a successful society, bringing people together from a variety of ourses to shre their interest in history. 
  • To ensure society members are heard and that each voice contributes to plans/events/meetings of the society, adapting expectations of the society in line with these voices. 
  • To create a series of events/meetings throughout the year where members can enhance and develop their knowledge of history and share their love of the subject. 

Society Memberships

Free Student Membership for 2021/22

This membership will expire on 31st July 2022

Expires on 31 July 2022

Society Elections

History Society 2022-23

Starts on 3 May 2022

4 Positions

History Society