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Music Collective Society

This society will promote musicians of all genres to become involved with the local music scene in Luton and the surrounding area, and to give fans of live music access to the shows available within this area. A place for musicians and fans to convene, whilst raising the positive profile of Luton and its music scene. 

The society shall have the following objectives: 

  • To give young musicians opportunities to expand their fanbase within the town and surrounding area. 
  • To give these musicians experience with strong local promoters and national (occasionally international) bands which will benefit their musical careers. 
  • To give fans of live music a safe place where they feel accepted and valued, within the local musical community. 
  • To inspire the community to follow their dreams – benefitting musicians, photographers, music producers, sound engineers and other related careers. 
  • To provide information (through professional talks or experience on being a musician, promoter or sound engineer and provide opportunities to gain hands on experience within these roles. 

Society Memberships

Free Student Membership for 2021/22

This membership will expire on 31st July 2022

Expires on 31 July 2022