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Accessing Your Society Money

You can access your society money using a Student Expense Request Form

Within the form, there are 3 different options about how to access your money; 

  1. Getting the SU to pay an invoice on your society's behalf (please ensure this is not addressed to the University of Bedfordshire)
  2. Getting the SU to buy an item on your society's behalf (please remember to include delivery cost)
  3. Claiming back expenses you have made on behalf of your society (Please only use this as a last resort and make sure you have an itemised receipt)

Match funding

Beds SU will Match Fund membership up to the value of £5 for each new member registered. This is reviewed at the end of each month.

For example, if your society membership is £1 and you recruit 15 members in October, you will receive £15 in match funding plus the £15 worth of membership.


The aim of Beds SU society grants is to assist all Beds SU affiliated societies in supporting and developing their membership and reaching their aims and objectives. Each year, Beds SU will allocate funds for the grants and will give all groups the chance to apply for a portion of that amount.

Grants are available to ANY society, no matter how much money they have in their accounts or how long they have been running.

The total allocation for grants in the academic year 2020/21 is £2,500.

Societies can apply for up to £200 per application this can be the full cost or a contribution towards a cost. Grants are given out on a monthly basis and societies can apply for one grant a month.

Full guidance about the Beds SU Society grant can be in the Grant Application Guide.

Grant Criteria