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Have Your Say on What the Sabbatical Officers Have Been Up To (October 2023)

The SU is run by 4 Sabbatical Officers, find out about what they have been working on to help you as students at UoB and ask your questions to determine what they work on in future.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Thursday, 26 October 2023

What are Sabbatical Officers? 

The Sabbatical Officers are 4 students chosen by you to run the SU and represent you and your needs to the University. They provide leadership, initiating and developing strategy, vision, policy and campaigns, and advancing changes within the student experience and internally within the Students’ Union all in the interest of you our student members. 

What are the Officer Reports? What is their purpose?

These monthly reports are how your Officers are and will continue demonstrating what they have been up to in representing you; your needs, your interests, and your priorities. More importantly, there is an opportunity for your to submit a question (or how we like to call it, ‘Question the Exec’) you may have with regards to work they Team has undertaken. These will then be responded to and published on our website.

Why you should question your Sabbatical Officers?

  • Students elect our Sabbatical Officers and therefore it's up to you as the student body to hold them to account for what they are or are not doing- if you don't hold them to account no one else can! 
  • The Sabbatical Officers are here to represent you, if you don't tell them what you want them to be doing they can't represent your interest to the university effectively.

How to question your Sabbatical Officers? 

You can submit your question via an online form attached here.

What have the Officers been working on?

Every month, each of the Officers are asked to create a video and written report about what they have been working on.

Ryan Murphy (Co-President)

Read Ryan's written report

Chidinma Akwada (Co-President)

Read Chidinma's written report

Chidera Umeh (Co-Vice President)

Read Chidera's written report

Amina Awal (Co-Vice President)

Read Amina's written report