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Your Ideas. Your University. Your changes.

Petitions are a great way to demonstrate the strength of feeling individuals and the student body have about important issues that face them.

At Beds SU we encourage you to use them as a way of making positive change happen. Whether that means creating a petition yourself or commenting and voting on an existing one, the power is in your hands.

A petition doesn't need to be something that affects the whole student body but if an issue is important to you we strongly encourage you to try and do something about it!

You will find the current open petitions at the bottom of this page. Each one will have a summary of the issue and you can comment, ask questions and vote on it.


Beds SU believes students should be able to use AI effectively, thus believes that the University should adopt a more clear and progressive approach on AI. The University should turn off its AI detection software until it publishes plans that accepts and embed the use of AI in learning assessments and teach students how to use AI in a beneficial & equal manner.
Date created
Nov 8, 2023
Last Update
Dec 4, 2023