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Staff Resources

Welcome to the Staff Resources page. On this page, you'll find links to pages, documents and slides aimed at staff members to help you communicate Beds SU messages with students.

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The page is split into four sections, each covering resources on a specific topics. The sections are: 

  • About Beds SU - contains Strategic Plan and Impact Report
  • Course Reps - contains resources to share with students on Course Rep elections
  • Student Voice - contains resources for promoting the three ways for students to get in touch
  • Student Communities - contains resources for promoting societies

About Beds SU

We are here to help every student at the University of Bedfordshire get the most out of their university experience. We campaign on issues that they care about, as well as provide lots of opportunities for them to meet new people, develop their skills, campaign for change and try something new.

About Beds SU

Our about page contains a brief introduction to Beds SU, covering what we're about and what we do.

'Welcome to the Family' Video

Co-Vice President, Dylan Cox, runs through everything you need to know about Beds SU in a nutshell.

'An Introduction to Beds SU (Induction 2021/22)' Video

An in-depth introduction to Beds SU, aimed at students, for use as an induction tool.

Strategic Plan 2021-25

Our new strategy document outlines what we will do to ensure we are with all students on their student journeys: in their courses, in their student lives, in creating positive change and when they need support.

Impact Report 2021-21

We are pleased to share with you the Beds SU Impact Report for the academic year 2020/21. It has been a year of change and focus brought about by both our ambitions set out in the 2019/20 report and the input and support of our student community.

Course Reps

It’s the responsibility of Course Coordinators/Leaders to ensure Course Reps are elected for each year of a course, below you will find information on Course Reps, how to complete Course Rep elections and resources to help you promote Courses Rep elections.

Staff Course Rep Handbook

A short guide on electing and supporting course reps.

Course Rep Role Description

An infographic of the Course Rep role to share with students

Course Rep Bookmarks

Want something physical to hand out to you cohort about Course Rep elections? Beds SU provides bookmarks with key information about the role- visit one of the SU offices or email to pick up yours.

Course Rep Elections BREO Text Example

Short text you can copy/adapt for a BREO post or email to your cohort for Course Rep nominations, voting and announcing the winner.

Course Rep Elections PowerPoint

Slides you can use to promote Course Rep nominations and voting.

Student Voice

Hearing student feedback and ensuring this is passed on to the right people in the University/ SU is key to improving Student Voice at UoB. In this section you can read about the different ways students can feedback and the ways we resolve feedback.

3 Ways to Feedback Info Page

A one-page document on the 3 ways student can feedback to the university and how you can support student to feedback.

Student Voice Forum Guidance

A short guide on what Student Voice Forums is and ways you can support SVFs.

Student Voice Forum Date Slide

A PowerPoint Slide which you can input SVF information to promote SVFs to Students.

Student Communities

Beds SU provides lots of opportunities for students to create their own communities at university and increase their sense of belonging. Below are some guides on what’s on offer.

Society Rep Role Description

An infographic of the Society Rep role to share with students

Academic Societies PowerPoint

A slide deck you can use to promote academic societies to your students.

FAQ on Societies- For Academics

General guide to societies, the benefits for students and your course.

Student Networks

A guide to student networks and how to encourage students to engage with these networks