Attend a Meeting

There are a number of different meetings you can attend to ensure your voice is heard, with the SU, the university, or fellow student representatives. These include: 

Student Voice Forums

Student Voice Forums (SVFs) are meetings with your Academic Rep (Course, Senior Course, and School Reps) the SU, and staff members in your school/department. They can be used to raise feedback which with the diversity of people in the room hopefully can be resolved there and then. If not Reps can then take your feedback to meetings with the University. SVFs happen at least once a term per department/school.  

Click here to find out more about SVFs and find the date and time of your next SVFs

Union Parliament  

Union Parliament is the democratic, agenda-setting body of the SU- it may sound fancy or complicated but essentially it's where student representatives tell us what matters mean the most to Beds SU members’, and therefore to Beds SU.

Click here to find out more about Union parliament

Liberation Networks

The purpose of Liberation Networks is to represent the diverse characteristics of the Membership and exist to advance the representation of student communities that are widely acknowledged to experience or have experienced oppression, exclusion, or disadvantage. They will lead and seek change within the University, the Union, and the wider student experience for those that they represent.

Find out more about all our Liberation Networks here 

Join one of our Liberation Networks: Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) | LGBTQ+ | Students with Disabilities 

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