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Attend a Meeting

Throughout the year, Beds SU and the University of Bedfordshire will host a variety of meetings and events to ask for your opinion, gain your perspective on a situation or to brainstorm new ideas! 

Whenever Beds SU hold a meeting, you will be able to see it on our main events page. They will also normally be 'tagged', which means you can search by relevant topics for the one you would be most interested in.

Types of meetings

Beds SU will hold different meetings all year. Below are some examples, and what you can expect from each.

Chat for Change

These sessions will typically have a topic. We might want to know what you think about a certain change that the University is proposing, or whether a piece of reoccurring feedback has impacted you, and how!

If you think there is a wide-spread issue affecting students at the University of Bedfordshire, you can suggest a theme for our Chat for Change by emailing, or by attending one of our open format sessions. These do not have a topic, and work as a general drop-in for when you would like to discuss feedback or new ideas with Beds SU.

We may be on different campuses for different themes, for example, if we believe an issue is affecting students more at LSC Birmingham than at Luton, we are more likely to hold an in-person session there. However, we will always hold at least one online session for each topic, therefore, if you can't find us, or don't happen to be on campus, you can still chat to us.

Previous topics include: Changes to the academic calendar; industrial action and timetabling.

Campus Conversations

Beds SU will hold a campus conversation on each campus at least once a term. These sessions are for you to discuss any campus specific issues or ideas that you may have. 

Some past examples include that the vending machines at LSC London Bridge were not working, or that students at Bedford Campus would like to be able to have a microwave to warm up their lunch.

This space should not be used for academic feedback.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a bit like a group interview. The group will be made up of people who have similar traits or experiences, for example, students based at Milton Keynes or mature students. The group might then be posed with a situation or issue and asked what they would like to see in response, or what a possible solution might look like.

Focus groups are usually closed, and have less people taking part at the same time in order to enable better discussions. If there is a high number of people who want to take part in a focus group, it's likely that there will be more than one.

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Student Network Forums

The purpose of Student Networks is to represent the diverse characteristics of the Membership and exist to advance the representation of student communities that are widely acknowledged to experience or have experienced oppression, exclusion, or disadvantage. They will lead and seek change within the University, the Union, and the wider student experience for those that they represent.

Find out more about all our Student Networks here

Join one of our Student Networks:

There are currently no events to show in this category. Please go to the Events page to view all upcoming events.