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Scrutiny Committee

What is Scrutiny Committee?

Scrutiny Committee is a group that determines the direction the Union takes by questioning the Sabbatical Officers, implementing policy, and overall perform a year-round scrutiny of Union democratic processes.

Following one of our recent Annual Members' Consultation, we were looking to improve the accountability of our democratic procedures, whilst ensuring that a student-led, representative, informed, and fair forum is in place to do so. As such, our previously known Union Parliament is now replaced with a group of student experts recruited at the start of every academic year, known as the Scrutiny Committee, which will ensure that as any of our processes are student-led.

Most importantly, there are key opportunities within this forum to which we want YOUR VOICE to be heard. Specifically, you can:

  • Question our Sabbaticals on what they have been up to and how they have been busy representing you as discussed in their Officer Reports; and,
  • Submit a petition to demonstrate your passion for a particular student-led change to happen.

Both of these areas will be ratified by our student experts, to ensure that above all, we’ll be led by you, our students; by your interests, needs, and priorities.

We are now seeking for student volunteers that would like to register their interest to be official members of the Scrutiny Committee! Deadline to register your interest is Friday 24th November. 

If you have any questions about these roles, please do reach out to us via, and a member of the Student Voice Team will get back to you. 

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