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Sabbatical Officers

Each year, Beds SU holds annual Student Elections, offering each student at the University the opportunity to vote for student candidates who they think will best support, listen to and lead the student voice for everyone.

Get to know your 2023/24 Sabbatical Officers

As a way of introduction, we asked each of your new officers to share their vision for the year ahead and to tell us a little bit about themselves.

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy

Co-President (Self-identifying Male/Non-binary)

“As I enter my second year in office, I am thrilled to continue serving as one of the Co-Presidents and campus equity advocate, championing inclusivity and fairness for all students.

Together, let’s build a vibrant and equitable community where every voice is heard and valued."

"One thing you probably don’t know about me is that last year I was on the University’s cheerleading Team.”

Find out more about Ryan's ambitions for the next year

Chidinma Akwada

Chidinma Akwada

Co-President (Self-identifying Woman)

"In this position as the Co-President of the students’ union, I hope to serve as a representative that will be accessible to students.

I will listen to understand students and take prompt actions that will positively impact the student experience at the University of Bedfordshire."

"One thing you don’t know about me is that I love dancing. Many would argue I can’t dance but I do love doing it, alone, but I love it."

Find out Chidinma's top tip for all students!

Amina Awal

Mina Awal

Co-Vice President (Self-identifying Woman)

“My objective for the upcoming year is to improve students’ experience at University of Bedfordshire. I hope to achieve this by first creating Initiatives that embraces diversity with the support of Beds SU team and promoting awareness around the exceptional resources that both the school and SU can offer to ensure an enriching university experience.”

"If I could invite anyone from the present and past for dinner it would be Beyonce and my dad."

Mina shares her #1 bit of advice

Chidera Umeh

Chidera Umeh

Co-Vice President (Self-identifying Male/Non-binary)

“I’m looking forward to making sure that students concerns are being addressed in record time.”

“If I had one superpower it would be to live longer or bring back people who have died.”

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