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Student Representation

At Beds SU, there are a number of different Student Reps working to represent your views, create positive change and ensure your student experience is the best that it could be. 

Below you will find information on all of Beds SU's Reps, who they are, what they do, and what to do if you'd like to become one!

Sabbatical Officers 

There are four full-time officers, each representing different aspects of the student experience. From 2021, we have two Co-Presidents and two Co-Vice Presidents.

Find out more about your Sabbatical Officers

Course Reps

By far our largest community of volunteers, SU Course Reps are essential to creating positive change. The University and the Students' Union rely on Course Reps for feedback about specific courses. However, most importantly Course Reps represent students. They will speak to staff, sit in meetings, present the views and experiences of students and learn transferrable skills as they do so. 

We aim to elect Course Reps within the first three weeks of term, so whether you start in September, January or June, there is a role available for you! 

We expect all of our Course Reps to attend training so that they can feel confident in their role and know what support is available to them. We also create a number of resources that we believe Course Reps will find useful, and organise a variety of events to grow this community.

If you'd like to know more about the role, please click here.

Does your course already have a Course Rep? Find out who they are by clicking here.

No Course Rep? No problem! If you're interested contact your lecturer, who should hold a 'mini-election' in class. 

Campus Reps

Our Campus reps are a vital volunteers. They represent the feedback from their campus, and working to improve the campus facilities, and campus student experience for all those students that they represent.

Each University approved Campus will have a Campus Rep and the positions are open to all current University of Bedfordshire students studying at that campus.

Do you know who your Campus Rep is? Find out by clicking on your campus below: 

Once elected, Campus Reps will be trained and supported by Beds SU staff, who will hold regular meetings with them. Campus Reps are also a part of our Scrutiny Committee, ensuring that the Union and its Sabbatical Officers are going in the right direction. You can find out more about Scrutiny Committee, by clicking here.

Network Reps

The purpose of a Student Network is to represent the diverse characteristics of the Membership. They advance the representation of student communities that are widely acknowledged to experience, or have experienced oppression, exclusion, or disadvantage. 

Network Reps will lead on and seek change by running campaigns within the University, the Union, and external communities. They will assist in the running of events and any other activities for the network that they represent.

Network Reps may also have an opportunity to represent the University and its' students at a NUS Liberation Conference!

If you'd like to find out more about what Student Networks are available at Beds SU, please click here.

Should you be interested to lead one of the networks, email us at to find out more. We will be happy to support you in your role!

Student Experience Leaders (SELs)

SELs will have the exciting opportunity to be instruments for change within the university. This is a new (and paid!) role from the University of Bedfordshire. An SEL will be responsible for gathering and working with the feedback that they receive from SU Reps across the different schools. The SEL will also have the opportunity to work on live projects with Faculty staff and aim for improvement of the overall student experience here at the University of Bedfordshire.

Please look at the handshake app where these roles will be advertised. Please click here for more information.

If you have an questions about this upcoming role, email us at

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