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Policy & Governance

Beds SU Policies

Associate Memberships

Beds SU also has the ability to accept Associate Members from UoB partner institutions where partnership agreements have been made with Beds SU.

Union Meetings

Below is a list of our democratic meetings with information about their remit and the decisions made there including the Terms of Reference, Minute, Agenda and other documents relating to union meetings. 

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Scrutiny Committee

Following our recent Annual Members' Consultation, we were looking to improve the accountability of our democratic procedures, whilst ensuring that a student-led, representative, informed, and fair forum is in place to do so. As such, our previously known Union Parliament is now replaced with a group of student experts recruited at the start of every academic year, known as the Scrutiny Committee, which will ensure that as any of our processes are student-led. This will include a year-round scrutiny of Union democratic processes, policy-work, and Officer accountability.

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Executive Committee

Annual Members’ Consultation

In recent years, we’ve done this online, rather than a meeting, so that our members have more time to look at the information that most interests you, at a time and in a place that suits you. This allows you to ‘jump’ to sections using the links attached in the section outline above, which in turn gives you more time to look at the information that matters most to you, at a time and in a place that suits you. Have a look at the consultation's for:

We tend to run it alongside our annual Beds SU Survey so you can also provide live feedback on our performance. We aim to promote insights from the survey each year under our Student Insights.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Documents are currently unavailable.