Policy & Governance

What is Beds SU?

Beds SU is a democratic organisation, independent of the University of Bedfordshire. Its membership is made up of current UoB students, and you are automatically member unless you choose to opt out.

The Union is led by four full-time Executive Officers, elected by the membership to represent the voice of students.

Alongside the full-time Officers, there are also 10 part-time Campus Liaison Officers, Student Voice Champions, Liberation Network Chairs, Sports Presidents and Society Chairs who lead the student voice via Union Parliment.

Beds SU Policies

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Beds SU

Beds SU Bylaws - v1.3, approved by our members October 2019

Union Policies

Associate Memberships

Beds SU also has the ability to accept Associate Members from UoB partner institutions where partnership agreements have been made with Beds SU. You can find out more about Associate Members here.

Union Meetings

Below is a list of our democratic meetings with information about their remit and the decisions made there including the Terms of Reference, Minute, Agenda and other documents relating to union meetings. If you are unable to find something you need, then please contact be.heard@beds.ac.uk.

Union Parliament | Executive Committee | Annual Members’ Meeting | Extraordinary General Meeting

Union Parliament

Go to the Union Parliament page

Executive Committee

Terms of Reference

Agenda | Minutes

Annual Members’ Meeting

03.10.18 - Minutes

09.03.17 - Agenda | AMM Presentation | Minutes

Extraordinary General Meeting

01.11.18 - Minutes

14.11.16 - Agenda | Minutes

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