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Feedback Online

Don't want/need human contact? Don't worry, you can submit your feedback online and someone will get back to you.

Student Voice Feedback Form

The Student Voice Feedback Form is a shared form between the SU and the University. You can submit feedback on any area of University life, whether it's about your course or wider university experience. 

The form is great if you’re not sure where your feedback should be sent, don’t feel that you need to speak in person to someone, or don’t have that much time to spare. 

The SU will work in partnership with the University to ensure that your feedback is sent to the most appropriate place and that you get a response as soon as possible. We will also collate feedback to create reports which will be sent to SSEC's and other University meetings (this will be anonymised).

Submit a question at Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committee is a group that determines the direction the Union takes by questioning the Sabbatical Officers, implementing policy, and overall perform a year-round scrutiny of Union democratic processes. Ultimately, Scrutiny Committee is your way of having your say, to help us ensure that we represent your most current needs, interests, and priorities. The Sabbatical Officers, as well as the rest of the committee members, are here to make sure your voices is heard and this is your opportunity to hold them to account. 

Fill in this form to: 

  • ask the Officers a question 
  • comment on any ongoing policy consultation 

 Please note, if you wish to pass on any other feedback related to your student experience, you can use one of our Three Ways to Feedback.

Submit a Petition (otherwise, policy idea) for Scrutiny Committee

This is a new initiative that we are launching here at Beds SU. Put simply, a petition is just setting the direction of the work the Union takes by telling us how students think/feel about specific subjects. At this stage all we need from you is an idea and we can help you create a policy proposal to take to Scrutiny Committee, should it be voted on favourably. 

The Petitions module will be available soon.