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Strategic Plan 2021-25


Beds SU is the representative body of an ambitious, aspirational and diverse student body. We are led by hard-working, elected students who, together, reflect the experiences and hopes of our amazing membership.

The views of thousands of students helped shape this strategy – it acknowledges that many students are keen to understand the role their students’ union plays in their educational journey. The University of Bedfordshire welcomes students of all ages, backgrounds and circumstance; students want the work of their representative body to reflect this diversity, understanding that our students are on unique student journeys.

This strategy aims to connect Beds SU with its members like never before to ensure students benefit from engaging with their students’ union in their educational journey.

Download the plan in full

This page summarises our plan. If you wish to read the plan in full, we welcome you to download it.

How we describe success

Students have a clear understanding of how Beds SU benefits and supports them in their studies.

Beds SU supports brilliant student representatives who inspire and empower others, and the SU leads on the most important student matters.

Beds SU connects students with their student communities, helping you to make friends and support each other.

We make life easier for you, give advice and information and change things for the better. You come to Beds SU when you need help.

Our Values


We’ll be independent from the university whilst partnering with them; we’ll take risks and be adaptable and speak up when we need to.

Student First

Above all we’ll be led by you, students; by your interests and needs and priorities.


We’ll be with you in your life as a student visible and accessible wherever you study.


We’ll look out for you, our students; be inclusive, have your back and be helpful.

With you on your student journey...

There are four key pillars to our strategy.

...In your course

Goal 1

Every student interacts with Beds SU when they start their studies and hears about how the SU can enhance their educational journey.

Goal 2

Students learn about the positive impact Beds SU can have on their education and will be able to access the SU in their physical and virtual classroom space.

Goal 3

Students come together to develop Student Voice in the career and skills development they need.

...In your student life

Goal 1

All students feel confident in connecting and building rewarding relationships with their peers.

Goal 2

All students can access and enjoy a variety of campus communities from societies to specialist groups.

Goal 3

Beds SU celebrates UoB students, their achievements, and their stories.

...To create positive change

Goal 1

Students feel empowered and supported to better their student experience.

Goal 2

Beds SU promotes an equitable student experience and enhances student’s interests throughout it.

Goal 3

Beds SU enables an impactful, democratic, and representative Student Voice at UoB.

...When you need support

Goal 1

Beds SU fosters an inclusive, caring, and student- centred university community.

Goal 2

Students feel equipped to navigate Student Life successfully.

We need your support to ensure we can help all students on their journey here at UoB

To realise our ambitions and continue to build an SU that is championed by its members, we need ideas and feedback from you, our students, and colleagues from across the University. To have your say or be involved, get in touch.