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Introducing your Executive Team 2021/22

Back in March we held our annual Student Elections to find four student representatives. Your elected officers have now been in office for a few weeks, so it's about time we got to know them.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Thursday, 22 July 2021

You will remember back in March we held our annual Student Elections, offering each student here at the university the opportunity to vote for the students you believed would best support, listen and lead the student voice for ALL, here at the University of Bedfordshire.

33 candidates stepped forward to run for one of four positions and in a year when face-to-face contact and on campus campaigning was not possible candidates had to rely on the power of social media and word of mouth to gain your votes. 

We were delighted to receive a record turn-out of 2,647 voters, representing 16% of the student community here at the University, up 4% on the previous year with support from across all campuses the following four individuals were elected.

  • Quadri Yusuf - Co-President (Self identifying Male/Non-binary) 
  • Laura Tamara - Co-President (Self identifying Woman) 
  • Dylan Cox - Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality (Self identifying Male/Non-binary) 
  • Catalina Nita - Co-Vice President, Campus Engagement & Equality (Self identifying Woman) 

Your elected officers have now been in office for a few weeks, getting up to speed with what their roles entail, attending numerous introductions with key teams and individuals across the SU and University. 

In addition, they have been working hard to develop both their individual and team ambitions for the year ahead to ensure they can support and enhance the teaching and community experience for all students at the University of Bedfordshire.

Get to know your 2021/22 Exec Officers

As a way of introduction, we asked each of your new officers to share their vision for the year ahead and to tell us a little bit about themselves.

Quadri Yusuf

Co President (Self identifying Man/Non-binary)

"My vision for the year ahead is to ensure that there is reduction in academic offences amongst students to ensure academic integrity in the university and improve the society activities in the university."

"I am currently doing my MBA in Data Analytics and have a MSc in International Relations Management. Away from my studies I love to play scrabble and football."

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Laura Tamara

Co President (Self identifying Woman)

"I want students to feel best prepared to win, I believe studying is a great opportunity, which should be memorable for the right reasons. I also believe that no Beds student group should be disadvantaged, so I intend to focus on eliminating set-backs for students who identify as being a black or minority ethnic aka BaME, those with disabilities, those with caring responsibilities and students from the LGBT+ community. As we celebrate our differences, equality will prevail when we normalise social inclusion."

"I graduated this July with an MSc in International Business with Law. When I am not working I enjoy being outdoors with my family, drinking hot coffee and listening to loud jazz music."

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Dylan Cox

Co-Vice President - Campus Engagement & Equality (Self identifying Male/Non-binary)

"My vision is to ensure lectures continue to be recorded and posted online after the return to campus, as well as creating a programme that pushes high achieving students to further excel."

"I have a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and I’m going to be doing my Masters by research alongside my role as an Exec year, followed hopefully by a PhD."

"Away from my studies and job I compete as a bodybuilder so spend time at the gym and I do cheerleading at University."

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Catalina Nita

Co-Vice President - Campus Engagement & Equality (Self-idetifying Woman) 

"As Vice President I would like to see improvement in the BaME awarding gap, greater cultural and environmental recognition and engage with students to motivate and support them in achieving their goals."

"I have just finished my undergraduate foundation year at LSE (London campus) studying for a BS in Business Management, where I was awarded top grades across the 4 units and recieved 'Student of the Unit Certificate'. Away from my studies I enjoy spending time with my friends and gather for games and catching up. I love swimming and to travel. "

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