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You Asked, We Answered: Annual Members Consultation 2022

In this post, Beds SU Trustee and Exec Officer, Laura Tamara answers your questions, which were raised at the Annual Members Consultation.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

In this post, Beds SU Trustee and Exec Officer, Laura Tamara answers your questions, which were raised at the Annual Members Consultation.

Your questions answered

Question: To what extent does or can Beds SU help students who may face marital problems and end up homeless for accommodation, as their studies will be affected, plus their mental health status finances. I ask because I know a friend who lost everything and SU could not help.

Laura's response: Sorry to hear that your friend did not feel supported. We understand that circumstances can change during one’s time at University and have supported hundreds of students each year with similar issues through our advisors and partnerships with local organisations and charities willing to support our students.

Contact us at for more information.

Question: Could you provode more detailed info about graduate positions?

Laura's Response: The University of Bedfordshire has a great employability service. Check out their website for more information.

Question: More support when we address to University

Laura's response: Beds SU is definitely here to support students.

Please email us at or pop by our Help Desks on the Luton and Bedford campuses.

Question: How can the student union help me appeal my results because I feel treated so unfairly?

Laura's response: I’m sorry to hear this. Please email us at so that we can assist you with your appeal.

We also have loads of resources available in our Knowledgebase.

Question: If we do have an issue requiring the assistance of the Beds SU, where can we find them?

Laura's response: You can find us on the Mezzanine Floor, Campus Centre, Luton. You can also find us in the Campus Centre, Bedford opposite the Gateway building at the Box Office.

Alternatively you can email us at, where a colleague will get back to you within 2 working days.

Question: A little problem with SID. Since students have many queries, the emails are unseen. I would like to answer everybody's emails with their solutions on time.

Laura's response: I understand. This is something we are certainly working with the University to improve and we will pass on your feedback, anonymously.

Question: Beds SU should make students aware of their role, especially those who started in Covid and did not have proper induction

Laura's response: I’m sorry to hear that you missed out.

Throughout the pandemic, we attended as many online inductions as we were invited to. We were then so excited to be back on campus this year. We visited every campus during Welcome Week and members of the team have been making regular visits throughout the year.

If you’d like us to pop into a class, please ask your Course Coordinator to email and we’ll do our best to be there. You can also check out our induction video here for further information of what we do.

Question: Need to focus more on Bedford campus. Always Luton focused. It is not fair.

Laura's response: We try to focus on all of our campuses equally – most people don’t know that we have students across 8 campuses!

In the last year, we’ve invested heavily in Bedford and now have our Beds SU Help Desk open at the Box Office during term time. Do drop by if you need us!

Question: I was not aware of the graduation ceremony until the last week of exams. Maybe they should support us by providing information about the ceremony graduation

Laura's response: We’re sorry to hear that you wanted more information about your graduation before you went into the exam season – we will pass this feedback on.

Students are usually only able to graduate after the exam board results are released which is some time after your exams have been sat and graded, so there is often a bit of a wait, especially this year as the University seeks to provide in-person Graduations to all of the students who missed out due to the pandemic.

Don’t forget, the Graduation team require an up to date email address to be in touch with all the details, so make sure that your details are correct on eVision. There’s also loads of information on their web pages or drop them a line at

Question: We don't get enough information and details about the SU's work.

Laura's response: We try not to send too many emails, as we know how busy your inboxes get, but you will get updates from us to your student email inbox once a fortnight during term time.

You can also connect with us via our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or by visiting our website at

Question: Why is there a bias towards afrobeats when it comes to the students 'Get Social' events? 

Laura's response: We try to host theme nights for a variety of tastes, at which our DJs play a variety of music.

This year alone we’ve had Afrobeats, Bashment, Desi, Disco, POP and much more. Tell us your favourite genre and we’ll make it happen soon!

Question: Sometimes the information was confused about our assignments and timetable

Laura's response: We recommend speaking with your course leader, unit coordinator or a member of faculty staff when this happens, as they will be best placed to provide answers.

If this doesn’t clear things up, you can let your Course Rep know or email where we can try to track down answers for you.

Question: Student ambassador work?

Laura's response: Keep your eyes peeled for student jobs by signing up to CareersOnline notifications here.

Question: How come there isn't microwave for students?

Laura's response: There are microwaves for student use across a number of our smaller campuses. We are working on having microwaves reinstated at our larger campuses very soon.

Question: Can second and third years receive goodies for the academic year? Like water bottles or pencil cases, any fun stationery packs before the academic year? Most are going to be working in the summer before. Can you give out monetary help? Too many emails and pointless booklets are too much. Everything about everything is online already.

Laura's response: There are usually free goodies for students during the start of the academic year and they are open to all – you don’t have to be a first year to attend Freshers’ Fair, everyone is welcome!

We regularly offer cash prizes on our surveys, but for substantial financial support, we recommend speaking to the University’s Student Money Advice service who administer the Access to Learning Fund.