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Physiotherapy Society

The society shall have the following aim:

  • To increase the understanding of, and promote the value of, physiotherapy.

The society shall have the following objectives:

  • Provide at least two extra-curricular learning opportunities per term to support any interested students in their studies and transition to employment
  • To facilitate peer-to-peer learning and support for all students with an interest in physiotherapy through regular meetings, talks and newsletter
  • To build relationships amongst staff and students to support learning and student welfare through regular meetings and engaging with similar societies at other universities and building relationships with other organisations
Society Memberships

Free Student Membership for 2021/22

This membership will expire on 31st July 2022

Expires on 31 July 2022

Society Committee

Dee Ishani


Society Elections

Physiotherapy Society

Starts on 3 May 2022

3 Positions

Physiotherapy Society