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Beds SU Sikh Society is open to all, everyone from all backgrounds are always welcome!

Here, at Beds SU Sikh Society we focus on curating an inclusive, friendly and welcoming environment regardless of race, religion or belief. We strongly believe that Sikhi is a journey and we understand that everybody is at a different stage. Therefore, we have created a 'non-judgemental, pressure-free' environment for everyone who is interested to know more, so we can learn about Sikhi at our own pace.

This year, we are aiming to hold engaging and interactive socials to allow all members to meet and connect with like-minded individuals and truly make friends for life!

We cannot do anything without members and hope you will join us to revive the Sikh society in this new academic year.

Membership is FREE!

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up now to ensure you never miss out on our society updates!

We are very excited to meet you all and start interacting very shortly! 

Society Memberships

Free Student Membership

This free student membership will expire when you are no longer a registered University of Bedfordshire student

Expires on 31 July 2028