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Film Appreciation Society

We are a fun and friendly group of film lovers!

What We Do

Regular films on campus: Beds SU is supporting us with these events and all members are welcome to put forward suggestions for what type of films they would like to see!

Cinema Socials: We love an opportunity to watch a major new release in town (Luton, or at an own where another campus is based depending on demand!) We work with Beds SU to see where we can get support for subsidised tickets to for all members, so this is the best way to see the biggest new releases.

Socials: So everyone can get to know each other we are planning to have: Meals out, quizzes, trips to popular new releases, and more!

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Let's get the society back up and running in full swing from the start of the new 2023/24 academic year!

Society Memberships

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Expires on 31 July 2028