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Parents and Mature Students Society


The society shall have the following aims:

1.To be open to all students with dependants and/or mature students

2.The Society shall work closely with the University of Bedfordshire and the SU to raise awareness of issues faced by its members during their time at the university.

3.To support parents and/or mature students to ensure that their time at university is a positive and successful experience.

4.The Society will arrange regular meet and greet sessions which are open to all members of the society. These will allow members to discuss any concerns or queries with the committee.

The society shall have the following objectives:

1.To organise informal events that are family friendly and tailored to meet the needs of parents and/or mature students.

2.To ensure effective communication with its members through a variety of mediums such as Facebook and Twitter in relation to events, academic support and services offered by the SU and UoB to support students.

3.The Society will work with the SU and University of Bedfordshire to resolve issues raised by the societies members and ensure that parents and/or mature students views are heard.

4.The Society will ensure that any suggestions from its members on how the society or the university may be improved to meet the tailored needs of parents and/or mature students are passed onto the appropriate personnel or services.

Society Memberships

Free Student Membership

This free student membership will expire when you are no longer a registered University of Bedfordshire student

Expires on 31 July 2028