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One day the world will look at two girls holding hands and simply say ‘what a lovely couple’, two men can get married and people will say ‘what a lovely wedding’. Where a person can bind their chest and change their hair to fit the way they feel without questions and being called strange. Where love and being aren’t affixed with additional labels such as ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ and people will be able to get on with their own lives without being so fixated on appearance.

Until that day though, this society will offer refuge and friendship to those who feel set adrift in the world. University is a trying enough experience without the concern of isolation or becoming marginalised based on what is or isn’t under a person’s clothes and who they are seeing or not seeing. Pride in Beds hopes to be the bridge between that uncomfortable not knowing and a fully active and safe social (and university) life.

In addition, we hope to make the society a safe place for allies and families of those in the community to come, relax and even ask questions or join in with our events and workshops.

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