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Tourism and Events Society

Join the Tourism and Events Society on the Luton Campus at the University of Bedfordshire.

The society shall have the following aims:

  • A student body coming together for academic discussion, debate, to share views and knowledge.
  • A student body coming together to promote a learning community and network with professional bodies and industry sectors; and
  • A student body coming together for the purpose of impacting our immediate social environment.
  • To give all UoB students with an interest in tourism, hospitality, and events the chance to learn about the subjects outside of their degree and gain a stronger understanding
  • To encourage teamwork and other skills essential for life after study
  • To strengthen relationships between students across all levels
  • To provide a social platform and an opportunity to gain more confidence
  • To provide an opportunity to earn ‘e-badges’
  • To plan and host a variety of events to benefit students, the University and community as a whole 
Society Memberships

Free Student Membership for 2021/22

This membership will expire on 31st July 2022

Expires on 31 July 2022

Society Committee

Michael Malone



Society Elections

Tourism and Events Society 2022-23

Starts on 3 May 2022

5 Positions

Tourism and Events Society