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Rep Nominations Extended- Apply to Become a Rep Before 11th Nov

We are extending your chance to become a Rep, wether you want to be a school rep, society rep, network rep, campus rep don't miss your chance to apply now!

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Tuesday, 5 October 2021


Your chance to apply to become a rep has been extended and will be open until 1pm on 11th October 2021. With voting taking place  from 9am on the 12th October to 4pm on the 25th October. 

Read the article below to find out what positions are still available and click to nominate yourself now!

Beds SU is run by students for students, and our Reps help support Executive Officers to run the SU by gathering student feedback and supporting the student voice here at the University. We have lots of different Reps for all our different student communities, including School Reps, Campus Reps, Network Reps and Society Reps, who are all volunteers and support students alongside their studies. 

We recently ran our Election for our Reps for the 2021/22 academic year but there are some positions that weren't filled. To ensure you get the best chance at becoming a Rep we are opening nominations again all the way through summer with voting happening near the start of the next academic year. 

Find out more about what each of these reps do by reading their Role Infographics

Applications for the roles of School Reps, Campus Reps, Network Reps and Society Reps are open until 1pm on Monday . Remember, you must be a student to apply.

Nominate yourself now!

Voting will take place from Tuesday, 12th October at 9am to Monday 25th October at 4pm.

Available positions

The positions that are currently available are as follows;

School Reps


School of Computer Science & Technology

School of Arts & Creative Industries x 2

School of Life Science

School of Psychology


School of Sport Science & Physical Activity x2

School of Education & English Language

School of Teacher Education

Campus Reps


Network Reps

BAME Network Chair x 2

LGBTQ+ Network Chair x 2

Students with Disabilities Network Chair x2 

Society Reps

Accounting and Finance Vice- Chairperson

ACS Vice-President 

ACS Media Officer

ACS Promotions Manager

ACS Secretary

ACS Sports Manager

  African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Chairperson 

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Vice- Chairperson

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Events Management Assistant

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Events Manager

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Secretary

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Social Media Manager

African Caribbean Society Bedford (BACS) Sports Officer

Animation & Gaming Society Chairperson 

Animation & Gaming Society Vice-Chairperson    

Beds Aviation Society President (Marketing Team 2)

Bedford Christian Union Vice- Chairperson

Bedfordshire University Forensic Society Chairperson  

Bedfordshire University Forensic Society Vice-Chairperson

Beds Computing Vice-Chairperson

Beds Computing Chief Information Officer

Beds Computing Chief Financial Officer

Beds Computing Public Relations Representative

Beds Labour Students Society Vice-Chairperson 

Beds Labour Students Society Secretary

Beds Table Tennis Society Chairperson

Beds Table Tennis Society Vice- Chairperson

Dance (Bedford) Chairperson

Dance (Bedford) Vice-Chairperson

Dance (Bedford) Social Secretary

Dance (Bedford) Treasurer

Dance (Luton) Chairperson

Dance (Luton) Secretary

Dance (Luton) Treasurer

Enactus Head of Social Projects

Enactus Head of Marketing

Environmental Society Chairperson 

Environmental Society Secretary

History Society Chairperson 

History Society Vice-Chairperson

History Society Secretary

History Society Treasurer    

Indian Students' Society Chairperson

LAN Gaming Society Chairperson 

LAN Gaming Society Vice-Chairperson

LAN Gaming Society Tournament Administrator    

Law Society Vice- Chairperson

Law Society Events Coordinator

Law Society Newsletter Editor

Law Society Social Media Coordinator   

LGBTQ+ Society Chairperson

LGBTQ+ Society Vice-Chairperson for Luton Campus

LGBTQ+ Society Vice-Chairperson for Bedford Campus

LGBTQ+ Society Treasurer    

Life Sciences Society Secretary/Vice-President

Life Sciences Society Treasurer    

Madinah Society President

Madinah Society Vice-President

Madinah Society Secretary

Madinah Society Treasurer

Marketing Club President

Marketing Club Secretary

Marketing Club Events Co-ordinator

Marketing Club Treasurer

Masonic Society Chairperson

Masonic Society Treasurer

Masonic Society Secretary

Music Collective Society Chairperson

Music Collective Society Vice-Chairperson

Nepalese Society Chairperson 

Nepalese Society Vice-Chairperson

Nepalese Society HR Officer

Nepalese Society Media Coordinator

Nepalese Society Sports Coordinator

Nepalese Society Treasurer

Nigerian Society President 

Nigerian Society Vice-President

Nigerian Society Editor

Nigerian Society Secretary

Nigerian Society Treasurer

Nigerian Society Videographer

Occupational Therapy Vice-Chairperson     

Pakistani Society Chairperson

Pakistani Society Vice-Chairperson

Pakistani Society Secretary

PAL Society Chairperson 

PAL Society Treasurer

PAL Society Vice-Chairperson    

Paramedic Society Welfare Representative

Paramedic Society Social Representative

Paramedic Society Treasurer

Physiotherapy Society Chairperson

Physiotherapy Society Vice-Chairperson 1

Physiotherapy Society Vice-Chairperson 2

Postgraduate Research Society Chairperson

Postgraduate Research Society President

Postgraduate Research Society Treasurer

Postgraduate Research Society Vice-Chairperson(Secretary)

Project Management Society Chairperson

Project Management Society Vice-Chairperson

Psychological Society President 

Psychological Society Vice-President

Psychological Society Treasurer

St John Ambulance LINKS Unit Manager (Chairperson)

St John Ambulance LINKS Unit Logistics Lead (Vice-Chairperson)

St John Ambulance LINKS Unit Events Service Lead

St John Ambulance LINKS Unit HR Lead

St John Ambulance LINKS Unit PR and Fundraising Lead

Tabletop Society Vice-Chairperson

Tourism and Events Society Secretary

Tourism and Events Society Marketing Co-ordinator

Tourism and Events Society Operations Co-ordinator

Tourism and Events Society Treasurer

Treasure House Chairperson

Treasure House Secretary

Treasure House Bedford Campus Rep

Treasure House Treasurer

UoB Midwifery Society Social Events Ambassador 2

UoB Midwifery Society Social Media Ambassador

UoB Midwifery Society Treasurer

UoB Musical Theatre Society Vice-Chairperson

UoB Musical Theatre Society Drama Coach

UoB Musical Theatre Society Singing Coach

UoB Musical Theatre Society Dance Coach

UoB Student Chess Society Chairperson

UoB Student Chess Society Vice-Chairperson

UoB Student Chess Society Treasurer

Winners Chapel Christian Campus Fellowship Chairperson

Winners Chapel Christian Campus Fellowship Vice-Chairperson

Writers and Artists Vice-Chairperson 

Writers and Artists Public Relations

Writers and Artists Treasurer

*Changed from original announcement posted