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Should we ask the University for a Holistic Service Level Agreement?

Do you think all departments in the University should have an agreement with students on how long it takes them to respond to you and what you should do if they don't respond in that time? Then come along and tell us more at our workshop or online form.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Policy Ideals are the SU's way of setting out what our beliefs are and the ideal situation students want us to be working towards. We want you to workshop our Holistic Service Level Agreement Ideal with us. Read the proposal below and attend our workshop on the 20th of January (12.30) to discuss the proposal or leave comments using our online form before 17.00 on the 28th of January.

A Holistic Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the University of Bedfordshire

Beds SU believes that a basic holistic Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the University of Bedfordshire as a whole (the provider) and its students (the customers) should be instated, to ensure that a high standard of academic, administrative and welfare support is available to enrolled students on all courses and across all UoB sites. 

We are asking that the university:

  • To ensure that all academic-related student enquiries are handled by the relevant UoB party (i.e. course coordinators, teaching staff) within a prespecified time period (i.e. 2 working days) 
  • To ensure that all general, administrative and welfare enquiries are handled by the relevant UoB party (i.e. SID) within a prespecified time period (i.e. 3 working days) 
  • In instances where such response timeframes are not upheld, the provider should outline and follow a set process for enquiry resolution/escalation, and make this information clearly visible to students via the UoB website  
  • All academic staff should be effectively briefed on the nature of general UoB administrative and pastoral services – such as SID, student finance and advice services – so as to effectively signpost students who contact them to the most relevant university service offering  
  • To carry out monitoring procedures/ an internal audit at AB level so to ensure that university-wide processes and policies – such as the PAT Policy and the Quality Handbook - are being upheld across all courses offered by the university. 
  • To ensure that students on all courses are provided with sufficient information materials – such as a course handbook and the student PAT handbook – at the beginning of every academic year 
  • To ensure that information regarding university policies, procedures and services is made clear and accessible to students on the provider website 
  • To ensure that students are provided with an accurate timetable – including both class times and locations – prior to every academic term 

Read the full proposal then leave any comments online or attend our workshop on the 20th of January (12.30).