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See Who Won the Rep Elections

The Rep By-elections are now complete find out who you winners were here.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Our Rep by-elections have now finished- thanks to everyone who voted. You have being choosing Society, School and Network Reps to represent you over the coming academic year, find out who they are below. 

School Reps: 

Education & English: Andrew Hosken 

Psychology: James Fake

Computer Science & Technology: Kieron Norris

Teacher Education: Joe Hartley 

Sport Science & Physical Activity: Pratik Supekar 

Network Reps: 

BAME Student Network Reps: Marina Otiora Morilla & Zakia Wafa

Society Reps:

LAN Gaming society Vice-Chairperson: Chanikya Vijay Goud Amara

Beds Computing Chief Information Officer: Chanikya Vijay Goud Amara

Nigerian Society President: Modestha Ukonu

Marketing Club President: Zain Ahmed

Beds Table Tenis Society Chairperson: Zain Ahmed

ACS Vice-President: Oluwaseun S Ifabumuyi

Enactus Head of Marketing: Namitha Matto

Musical Theatre Drama Coach : Matthew Hall

Musical Theatre Society Dance Coach : Stephanie Vecchio

Dance Bedford Social Secretary : Evie Smith

Dance Bedford Chairperson : Shannon Caren

Pakistani Society Chairperson : Hamail Ahmed Khan Niazi

Musical Theatre Vice Chair Person: Maia Leckey

UoB Midwifery Society Social Media Ambassador : Sam Murdoch

Dance Luton Secretary : Yogesh Krishna Biragi

Writers & Artist Public Relations: Yogesh Krishna Biragi

Physiotherapy Society Chairperson : Dee Ishani

Law Society Vice-Chairperson: Marina Otiora Morilla

Please note that more Reps were elected during our summer elections, you can see who they are by reading the winners article.