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Would you like to see more diversity in the Student Support team at the University?

We think that the University should be offering more representative student support services, but we need to hear your opinions on our ideas before we can take our idea any further. Join our discussion or comment online to share your opinions.

Beds SU

By Beds SU

Monday, 9 May 2022

Beds SU is run by students for students and therefore you, the student body, get to decide what we work on. We currently want your opinion on whether we should be working to get the University to have a more representative student support team and how we go about doing this. Our policy ideal outlines what we think we should be asking for but we need your opinions so we know we are working on the right things.

Tell us your feedback by filling in the online form or attending our workshop on Monday 16 May 11am on Zoom

The Ideal: More representation for black students – as well as a designated BME scheme – in Beds student support services 

Beds SU believes that the UoB should commit to implementing a designated BME scheme within its student support service, as well as commit to hiring black staff to ensure that black UoB students feel adequately represented in a space that often alienates them. 

Our ideal situation looks like this: 

  • The UoB implements a designated BME scheme within the student support service – as has been done in the likes of the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield – whereby students can directly request to speak to a BME counsellor if they so wish
  • The UoB commits to the provision of transparent information about its support services – i.e. details on the BME student support scheme, and the representation of the diversity of staff should be made available to and publicised to, students to not deter them from seeking support if they feel they will not be adequately represented in the student support space
  • The UoB student support team commits to monitoring engagement levels with academic welfare support across demographic groups, to provide further necessary data on the issue

What's a Policy Ideal? 

The SU's way of setting out what our beliefs are and the ideal situation students want us to be working towards. 

What do we need from you? 

Read the proposal and let us know if that would be your ideal situation or if you think things need changing or if you have stories or evidence to enhance our policy

How do you give your feedback? 

Come along to our workshop on Monday 16 May 11am on zoom


Complete our online feedback form