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Society Committees' Hub

The Society Committees' Hub is split into the following sections;

  • Finance
  • Online Engagement Toolkit
  • Planning an Event
  • Democracy
  • Policies
  • Forms & Templates
  • Venue Hire

News & Updates

Due to the global pandemic, societies are not meeting physically. Email us to find out how to meet up and stay in touch with your members online.


  • Society Annual Reports deadline has been furter extended until the end of term for outstanding reports
  • Student Rep Elections - Nominate are now open until Monday 4th October at 1pm for available committee positions in the next academic year (2021/22). Nominate yourself NOW! You must be a registered student for the 2021/22 academic year.


  • Society activities and events - In line with government guidelines and to remain Covid safe, please refer to guidance below.

Covid-19 News

From 17 May 2021, the Government COVID regulations and guidance is changing, so how does this affect Societies? We of course want to see you all back and doing the great things you do, but it is important for us all to do so safely and in line with government guidance.

We don’t want to put up any unnecessary barriers to you carrying out social activity if it’s in line with government guidelines so, if you are planning a picnic in a park or a trip to a venue you can do so as of 17 May providing that your society event or activity has been approved and signed off with all the necessary trip/event forms and risk assessments - you just need to make sure the latest government and local venue guidance is followed.

PLEASE NOTE: A number of our campuses are in the higher risk Delta variant areas, please contact if you are planning a society event or activity and are unsure of any details for yuor area or have any issues or concerns.

From 17 May 2021 - What this means in practice

  • All activity must adhere to the numbers outlined by the Government:
  • Maximum 30 people outdoors
  • Maximum 6 people indoors or 2 households 
  • You should make sure all individuals involved follow local contact tracing requirements.
  • We recommend that you try to hold your society activity outside where possible to keep members safer.

You should also remember the 'Hands, Space, Face' rules and remind your members of these:

  • Hads should be frequently washed with soap and water for at least 30 seconds and when this is not available, hand sanitizer should be used.
  • 2 metres social distancing must be observed throughout the activity between any people who are not from the same household. 
  • A face covering should be worn as directed by all involved (unless exempt). 
  • If you are indoors, you should also make sure the space is well-ventilated with windows open for the circulation of fresh air. 
  • If you are in any doubt about an activity or what you can/can’t do, email the Be Involved Team at 

You can also find out more about (COVID) Coronavirus restrictions by checking the UK government website.

From 21 June 2021

We look forward to providing a safe and welcoming space for societies and their members when students are able to return to campus.
Online Services

There may still be further changes ahead subject to government guidance and updates will be posted as more details are released. You can also check the UK government website.

We will continue to offer online services to Societies through the Be involved Zoom account or your Society Microsoft Teams Group. Contact us at the be involved email above to book the zoom account or have a tour of Microsoft Teams with your committee members.

Risk Assessments

Don’t forget to submit your trip/event form and risk assessment – check you are covered for your activity; you can find all the model risk assessment templates in the Society Committees ‘Hub area online.

If you break the rules

Your Society could be disaffiliated or suspended.

The police can take action against you if you meet in larger groups. This includes breaking up illegal gatherings and issuing fines (fixed penalty notices.)

You can be given a fixed penalty notice of £200 for the first offence, doubling for furthrt offences up to a maximum of £6,400.

You can be fined £800 if you go to a private indoor gathering such as a house party of over 15 people from outside your household, which will double for each repeat offence up to a maximum level of £6,400.

If you hold, or are involved in holding, an illegal gathering of over 30 people indoors or 50m people outdoors, the police can fine you £10,000.