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Planning an Event

We want to encourage our societies to hold events and go on trips, whether it is to fundraise, raise awareness, attend conferences or anything else that benefits your society.

When do you need to complete a Trip/Event Form

  • If non-society members are attending the event
  • If any externals are attending (external speakers, external students, plus ones)
  • If you are going off-campus
  • If you are holding an online event or regular online meetings

How long before a trip or event do you need to complete a Trip/Event form?

The form needs to be submitted at least 7 days before your event


15 working days before your event if external speakers are coming

You can start your Trip/Event Form and then come back to it at a later date.

What is needed for a Trip/Event Form?

  • Your Details and your Society details
  • If it's a Trip, Event or an External Speaker attending a society meeting (Society members only)
  • Trip/Event Details (When, Where, What, Proposed Numbers)
  • Budget - use our template
  • Risk Assesment - use our template
  • Event Publicity - Please ensure you have the Beds SU logo on this and it is approved before you distribute it - logos can be requested at
  • External Speaker Information
  • Room Booking Form (we're nice so we've put it into one form so you don't have to do both)

Complete the Trip/Event Form